Extended Warranty

I’ve put some good mileage on it over the past few years.

Sure, the interval between the indicator warning lights keeps getting shorter, requiring more and more fixes just to keep it running smoothly.

But it’s still pretty reliable – even with the sure signs of rust and tarnish that I see growing. Some of that may be related to the northern climate that I live in.

I find that the added miles now often require that I give myself plenty of extra time to make it to my destination and that I have to brake sooner than before. The sputtering and extra effort just adds to its charm I suppose.

This morning I’ve made an appointment for yet one more tuneup.

I’m hoping that they can give this old, creaky set of wheels a seal of approval for the months ahead. It’ll no doubt need a full inspection sometime before the summer.

Oh and yes, my car is getting older too. I may have to bring it in soon for some needed repairs as well.



Copyright (TZampino) 2021

Image Credit: Pixabay


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