January 4, 1960* – Grace Pending


That tree.

Standing tall.

Unmoved. Unbent.

Unbowed. Unbroken.

Regal in its silence.

Majestic in its silencing.

As if nothing had changed.

As if nothing could ever change.

No matter the words written or spoken.

Bold words of reason or doubt or confusion.

A living monument to all of this unchanging.

A deadly monument to all of this silence.




Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay


* “[Albert] Camus said that the only true function of man, born into an absurd world, is to live, be aware of one’s life, one’s revolt, one’s freedom. He said that if the only solution to the human dilemma is death, then we are on the wrong road. The right track is the one that leads to life, to the sunlight” – From William Faulkner’s Obituary of Albert Camus

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