Things St. Lawrence Never Said


In honor of today’s celebration of the Feast of St Lawrence, I decided to dig out and dust off a 2011 post from my old blog. I just love this guy. Deacon and martyr, patron saint of comedians and cooks. According to St. Ambrose, while St. Lawrence was being grilled, he told his persecutors: “This side is done – now turn and eat.” It didn’t get a ton of laughs, I bet, but his executioners probably talked about it for days. Might’ve even led to a conversion or three, who knows?

St. Lawrence probably said other things while cooking, which most likely included none of the following:

saint lawrence catholic martyr

saint lawrence martyr catholicsaint lawrence catholic martyr

catholic church martyr saint lawrence

saint lawrence martyr catholic church

saint lawrence martyr catholic church

Happy feast day to all those named for this great saint! Now go grill something!

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(Art: The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, by Valentin de Buologne, 1621-22)

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