Summer Mist – Grace Pending

Summer Mist – Grace Pending


The marsh still holds back a secret or two from this inhibited city dweller. The silence can be as unnerving as it is inviting.

Rarely for me does an ordinary day pass uninterrupted by sirens, the hot urgencies of some trembling subway tracks, and street music both unadorned and unrequited.

It’s a rhythm one soon enough adopts as their own.

But today solitary, unfiltered quiet.

My body is bathed in the steamy, rolling mist that quickly disappears just behind me. And the liquid smell reminds me just how far I’ve traveled. Not a trace of freshly poured concrete or stale city sweat remain on my clothes or in my brain.

There’s not enough time here to breathe it all in. But my lungs and my blood will carry a part of this all back with me.

And then, when I can finally open my eyes again, I’ll remember the quiet.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: My Own Photo (Wells, Maine)

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