I’ve grown up with him, at least the adult part.

He and I were both relatively new to our respective fields. His was medicine, mine law. Both of us were then in our mid-thirties. He had been recommended by a family member and has been my primary care doctor ever since.

Over 25 years now.

But the last few visits have begun to reflect some newer realities. Sixty plus years on both of us will do that. Appropriately added have been several additional layers of caution and consideration. What once took just a few minutes for a quick review and an “I’ll see you back here in a year,” has become an almost certain “let’s run that extra test just to be sure” and “you need to start this new regimen before I see you again in three months.”

My last visit even had me arguing against his latest recommendation, well-armed that I was with my extensive Google research. Yeah, that worked just about as well as you might expect. I picked up my new meds today.

I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s all good.

But it’s almost as if I’ve taken a step back now to watch this play out in real time. I mean, I know how it eventually ends but I still don’t want any spoilers.

For now, it’s interesting just to observe the process slowly unfolding, both physically and in his demeanor towards me.

I can still count myself among the very fortunate, and for that I remain forever grateful. Well, at least for the next three months anyway.


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