Mirror – Grace Pending

Mirror – Grace Pending


That those around us are sometimes cruel is not surprising.

Maybe it should be, but it’s not.

There are times when we expect the worst from others, and times when we have no expectations at all.

Rarely are we disappointed.

But it’s not as if kindness and generosity ever appear spontaneously, on their own and without cost. We know better because, well, just because we do.

And part of what we know is that every act of humanity, at its heart, at its beginning, is grounded in fraud. Not necessarily a lie, mind you, but a fraud, a deception nonetheless.

Sometimes the protagonist, sometimes a bit player, we offer the world a mirror when it’s searching for a window. I am you, you are me. And we pretend to dance to the same rhythm. We hide until we are exposed. Until that mirror flips back around.

But that exposure, at long last, serves only to confirm our very worst fear – that we are, indeed, one and the same.

No, your selfishness, your hostility, even your cruelty can never take me by surprise.

Because when I stand before you, I know full well who I really am.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay


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