Bishop Press Release Bingo


I got asked to fisk Cardinal Wuerl like I did for Cardinal DiNardo, but it gets repetitive. So I thought: Hey readers, why not play along at home? So I give you Bishop Press Release Bingo.  With press releases like these, you’re guaranteed to win — just ask a bishop! Remember kids, it’s not a … Continue reading Bishop Press Release Bingo

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What will you be doing on your death bed? In my February 2014 Death Bed Test Run, my answer amused me: I’d be writing about the Catholic faith. It’s what I do. In addition to my blogging habit . . . I’m the author of Classroom Management for Catechists. You can find me lurking around the Catholic Writers Guild. I homeschool my four kids. I have an MBA (accounting / finance), and my undergrad degree was in International Studies with a splash of economics thrown in. Studied for a year of that at the Institut d’Etudes Politique in Paris, so oui, j’aime all that French stuff. My latest educational frenzy? I’m training to be a presenter for Family Honor. I have an agreement with God that He gets to lay me flat whenever He wants, and I get to whap on the floor when He does it.


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