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Catholic blogger and author Sherry Antonetti, who blogs at Chocolate for your Brain and is a regular contributor to National Catholic Register and Aleteia, is a favorite here at The Catholic Conspiracy. Her posts are inspiring, uplifting, and often funny, and her latest, A Plea for All of Us to Pray for All of Us, is a call to the Catholic on-line community to join in prayer tomorrow, for peace in the world and in the Church. She writes:

We do not have worldly power, but we have something much greater.  We have the King of Peace, and we have His blessed mother, the sacraments and the saints. So I am asking all Catholic bloggers everywhere, at the Reporter and the Register, at Aleteia and Crux, Catholicmom and Catholic Digest, Catholic columnists both independent and syndicated, new and established.  Calling all writers from America and the Catholic Stand, at Patheos, New Advent, Big Pulpit and the Catholic Conspiracy, Church Militant and anywhere they may be found, to ask their readers to consider praying and fasting this Friday, August 11th, for peace in this world, on the internet, in families, and between nations. Joyce said of the Catholic Church, “Here comes everybody.” Well, we need everybody.

 Jesus told us to ask and we shall receive, seek and we shall find, and that collectively, we should be able to mustard up a mustard seed, and maybe transform a mountain of problems into molehills.   

How to participate:
1) Decide you will dedicate this Friday to penance and prayer and fasting for peace in our hearts and across the world. 
2) Offer a fasting of a particular kind for the whole day; something which you either treasure, or which you know is a barrier to your own prayer life. It can be something as familiar as diet coke or Facebook, it can be refraining from snark, it can be meat, it can be your phone or television or anything which you surrender for 24 hours, as a gift in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.
3) Invite others, both in real life and online to do the same, and write your own post of why and what.  We are all small. We are all at the very least, half of mustard seeds, but together, we can move mountains.

I encourage you to read the whole piece. Sherry is responding to a prompting from the Holy Spirit, and The Catholic Conspiracy wholeheartedly joins her in her request.

All of us are enduring heavy crosses. Nobody’s got a monopoly on suffering, it’s just different for each of us. Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to unite them in a more definitive way to Christ’s suffering – He alone is Peace, and He alone provides the peace our hearts are yearning for. As disciples and followers of Christ, we are His emissaries to the world – thus, we are emissaries of Peace. We spread His peace by the way we live, by the way we treat the least among us, and by the way we pray.

The world is a mess, as it ever has been. It’s always in our faces, so much so it feels more like 36/10 rather than 24/7. We are inundated with awful news, of “wars and rumor of war”, of man’s inhumanity against fellow man. And while we may be powerless in the eyes of the world, we have access to Infinite Power. We are loved by Love itself, willed into being to do small things with great love.

Sherry concludes her post thusly:

There are as many ways to fast or give alms or make atonement as there are saints, and with all of us, we should hit all of them.   The goal is peace, of the kind we can only ask for, the only kind worth receiving.   Let’s get to work.

Absolutely, yes – it’s time to get to work. The Catholic Conspiracy invites you to participate with us in tomorrow’s Plea for Peace. Please share this post – and Sherry’s – with your friends and family, and ask them to join.

Some of TCC’s writers have personally contributed and committed to tomorrow’s event, and links will be added:

Tom Zampino (Grace Pending): Global Words of War, Singular Works of Peace

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