Nerdy Catholic Tees – My Latest Clandestine Venture


I know I’m by far the least active Conspirator here- or am I?  If you knew what I was doing all the time, how good of a Conspirator would I be, really?  I let people like Larry D do all that up front stuff while I’m lurking in the background, always connecting dots…
That being said, I figured I’d call your attention to a new venture of mine, a partnership with my pal Seth Paine (also of The Coming Home Network).  It’s a creative outlet where we make t-shirts with Catholic stuff on them, and then check sales reports to see if anyone went for it.  It’s nerdy, and its’ Catholic, and it involves tees, hence the name: Nerdy Catholic Tees.
So far, designs have included some old images from vintage Catholic books, a couple plays on the “Keep Calm” theme, and, since Seth is a major DC Comics fan, a couple of shirts with nods in that direction as well.  Plus, some of the images have some pretty cool history- such as our Sacred Heart shirt, modeled off an emblem worn by the Vendee uprising, a Catholic loyalist rebellion that stood up to the violent “humanism” of the French Revolution


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