Interview: Julie Davis on Jesus and Dracula


I did an interview with Julie Davis about her new book, Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life, a couple of weeks ago; it was published at Aleteia, and I just realized that I forgot to post it here. Among other things, she talks about what she learned about Jesus from Bram Stoker’s Dracula:
During that time I reached the point of the book where Mina is attacked and corrupted by Dracula, so much so that the touch of the Eucharist on her forehead leaves a red scar. The group of friends now have a constant visual reminder of the result of their bad choices. They take up their task to release Mina and the world of this evil, or die trying, and they do it full of hope and enduring personal suffering. They are following in Christ’s footsteps and doing the opposite of Dracula’s anti-Christ methods


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