The Catholic Conspiracy Turns 1! Happy Blogbirthday to Us!


Plenty of significant events occurred on April 29 – James Cook arrived in Botany Bay in 1770; Union forces captured New Orleans during the US Civil War in 1862; the Dachau concentration camp was liberated by Allied forces in 1945; “Hair” debuted on Broadway in 1968; LA’s central library caught fire in 1986, destroying over 400,000 books; Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011. And just last year, in 2016…

…The Catholic Conspiracy was launched!

Happy Blogbirthday to us!

It’s been a fun year, and a real learning experience. Our roster has grown to ten writers, and plans are underway to add writers and an entire continent in the coming months. We’ve published regular features such as ‘Conspirator Spotlight’ and ‘TCC Sunday Reading Reflection’ – not as regularly as we’ve intended, but we do the best we can. We’ve had over 350,000 unique pageviews across all the writers and the main site – not too shabby, we think. Not huge, obviously, but comfortable. Most importantly, though, we’ve held true to our charter as a Catholic site. Last year, Rebecca wrote in our introductory post:

This new Catholic group blog is the creation of LarryD (Acts of the Apostasy) and Rebecca Frech (formerly of Shoved To Them, but now Backwards in High Heels). We felt the Catholic blogosphere lacked something – a smaller scale group blog, where writers wouldn’t get lost within the crowd. Where their distinct, Catholic voice could be expressed and heard. We invited other bloggers to join us who believe as we do, to form this online community of faith, hope, and charity. At the moment, we’re pretty small – five right now – but our plan is to expand to perhaps a dozen bloggers. Some you will recognize; others will be less well-known.
The Catholic Conspiracy bloggers are faithful to the Magisterium, in love with Jesus Christ and His Church, and dedicated to bringing Him to the world. We are not a news site. We don’t have correspondents in Rome. We don’t have a secret agenda, and we don’t collaborate from a hidden base somewhere in North America. We’re not hatching plots to infiltrate centers of higher education and government (although that does sound pretty cool!). We’re not here to subvert Church teaching, or promulgate dissent, or foment division. Our mission is our tagline: Catholic bloggers conspiring to bring Christ to the world.

We know we aren’t the biggest Catholic site out there, and we’re okay with that (but if it happens, then hey, we won’t complain!). It’s neither our goal nor our mission. Our fundamental goal is to be a witness of the joys of being Catholic, and in devoutly living the Catholic faith – not Nancy Pelosi-devout, but the other kind. Our vision is to be an oasis in the desert, where readers can stop by and be refreshed, renewed, enlightened and perhaps entertained. We aren’t Catholic-Lite, not by a long stretch. Not dwelling or writing on the problems, controversies, and issues facing the Church doesn’t mean we aren’t concerned about them. It simply means we’ve made a conscious choice to not join the clamoring cacophony contributing to the noise. There are plenty of noisy sites – we’ve chosen to be one of peace.

We want to thank you for reading TCC throughout the year – and to show our gratitude, we’ve got a gift for one lucky person. It’s our birthday, but we’re giving YOU a gift! Many of our writers are published authors or have contributed to publications, so we’ve gathered up copies of their books. As an added bonus, us non-author, non-contributor types have included books meaningful to us. We’re calling it The Conspiracy Collection. Here’s what it includes:

[Authored works]
“Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschooling Book for the Rest of Us” – by Rebecca Frech
“Our Lady Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena” – by Marge Fenelon
“Through Darkest Zymurgia” – by Will Duquette (brand new fiction, fresh from the printer!)
“Classroom Management for Catechists” – by Jen Fitz
“Prayer in the Digital Age” – by Matt Swaim
“All Things Girl: Truth for Teens” – with a contribution from Heather Renshaw

[Bonus Additions]
“The Seven Storey Mountain”, by Thomas Merton – Tom Zampino
“The Spiritual Combat, and a Treatise on Peace of Soul”, by Lorenzo Scupoli – LarryD

We’re also tossing in a $15 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Mary Lenaburg. How cool is that?

To be included in the drawing, simply leave a comment in the combox below, or on The Catholic Conspiracy Facebook page for this post. Want to increase your chances? Follow us on Twitter (@CathConspiracy) or retweet this, too. And if you want to add a comment saying why you read us and like us, or which regular features you look forward to, and stroke our egos a little, we won’t mind! Flattery is highly encouraged! We’ll gather up all the names, and the winning name will be randomly selected Tuesday, May 2, after which The Conspiracy Collection will be shipped out.

We deeply appreciate your patronage. It means more than you can know. Thanks for reading us, sharing our content, and following our fantastic writers. Exciting plans and changes are afoot for our second year, so stay tuned!

God bless!

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  1. Thank you, all, for being, as you said, a place of peace in the Catholic blogosphere. The joy of living the faith shines through each post.

  2. What an amazing giveaway! And now I’m following… wish I had followed sooner!
    Misfits must stick together!

  3. Happy birthday, y’all! I love that I can come to one place for pieces by Rebecca, Mary, and Heather 🙂 They each have their unique voice and I love hearing their takes on things.

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