Welcoming The Stranger (That Would Be Me)


I’ve recently met some of the coolest, some of the best people using the Gett app here in New York City – it’s the latest Uber and Lyft competitor that supposedly is both cheaper for the passenger and better financially for the driver.
Most, so far, seem to be part-time drivers from other countries working difficult hours in tortuous traffic in order to earn some extra cash while pursuing other careers.
Like the young man yesterday, Muhammed, who is a native of Turkey, an electrical engineer by training, studying for an MBA at Rutgers (his employer back home is paying 100% of the tuition). He currently owns / manages a fleet of 10 small trucks that he rents out for extra income.
In a year’s time here, he’s managed to teach himself English mostly by watching Netflix and by asking his American girlfriend to “not understand” his attempts to speak but to “correct him


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