22,000 Days


I am not yet who I was meant to be
in 22,000 days
My steps are slower, my muscles convulsive
in 22,000 days
I’ve burned with passion, I’ve walked all alone
in 22,000 days
Promises made, promises still broken
in 22,000 days
Today is ending, tomorrow’s long-gone
in 22,000 days
It is both dangerous and easy to hate man as he is because he is not what he ought to be.
If we do not first respect what he is we will never suffer him to become what he ought to be: in our impatience we do away with him altogether – Thomas Merton
Be patient with me, find my heart, graft my soul
sans 22,000 days
Copyright 2017 (my verses)
Image Credit: Pixabay


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