The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report – v.4.1.


Hey, it’s the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, your source for news about the good, the true, and the beautiful, and the sometimes weird. Not much in the weird department this week, but the lead story is heartwarming, I can tell you that much. FreakyDoll must have attuned her HeartString Tugger-ma-bob at maximum, having snatched an Ohio Humane Society Facebook post about a dog and his bunny pal. We never guessed she had a sentimental side! Maybe because St Valentine’s Day was this week? Who knows! Lots of other uplifting posts and stories to check out, too – including one about a blind woman’s sight being miraculously restored, and another about a Spanish priest who’s been rescuing people caught up in the grip of human trafficking. Great stuff.

Plus many more! Share it with your family and friends – we all need good news, right?

Unlikely Friends Saved in Double Rescue! – Humane Society of Summit County

Getting Back on the Horse – Alan Scott, Grow in Virtue
Please Don’t Leave Social Media this Lent – Allison Gingras, Reconciled to You
The Many Patron Saints of Europe – Brother Charles, A Minor Friar Blog
Arizona Woman’s Blindness Miraculously Cured Through St. Charbel – Patty Knapp, National Catholic Register
A Little Leaven Goes a Long Way – Brian Mullins, A Ordinary Time
Revisiting the Night of Many Bells – Nancy Shuman, A Cloistered Heart
7 Outstanding Resources to Boost Your Homeschool Curriculum! – Chris, Campfires and Cleats
Five Reasons Why I Love the Catechism – Alison H., Catholic Sistas
Meet the Priest Who Has Helped Rescue Thousands on the Mediterranean Sea – Blanca Ruiz, Catholic News Agency


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