C.S. Lewis: Don’t Be So Easy To Please


Are we too easy to please?
That might sound like a ridiculous question to those of us who are still searching for financial independence and a modicum of personal fulfillment. There never seems to be enough time, enough energy, to carry us out even to the end of the week, never mind a lifetime.
And like a perpetual treadmill, our lives often fail to cover any new ground; or, worse yet, we might find ourselves moving backwards if we ease up on the pace even just a little.
What are we chasing after?
What are we settling for?
False dreams? Broken promises? Slavish idols?
Look, some of us may never reach the biggest goals that we set out upon. And full bellies, spare change, and endless – and mindless – physical and mental pleasures, sure have a way of intoxicating us, of deadening our senses, of straight out mesmerizing and fooling us


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