The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report – v.3.1.


Welcome to this week’s Field Intelligence Report. You wouldn’t believe the trouble FreakyDoll’s had the past couple weeks, navigating all the craziness and negativity running rampant throughout the Internet. It’s taken a huge toll on her internal systems, having burned out half a dozen Crap Detectors, several Fake News filters, and her algorithms crashed on a couple occasions. We’ve strengthened the buffers and reinforced all the firewalls, and it looks like it’s worked: a fully complete FIR of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. We hope you enjoy it!

And feel free to share it on social media, too! Spread good news, y’all!

7 Saintly Tips on How to Discipline a Child, from Don Bosco – Philip Koslowski, Aleteia

Bridges and Bunkers – Heather King, Shirt of Flame
Well Said: Drawing a Giraffe – Julie Davis, Happy Catholic
Mexican City Sees Stunning Drop in Violence as Adoration Increases – Patty Knap, National Catholic Register
The Warrior Monks Who Invited Banking – Tim Harford, BBC Business
Juggling Trick Shots & Other Awesomeness! – YouTube
Blessed are the Weirdos! – Fr Philip Neri Powell OP, Domine, da mihi hanq aquam
Flight Attendant Adopts Dog Who Waited at her Hotel – Jessica Suss, Simplemost
Feeling Unworthy and His Divine Mercy – Emmy Cecilia, Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer
New: “Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love” by Edward Sri – St Ignatius of Loyola, Insight Scoop


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