Take A Breather, And Give Others Some Oxygen


If you truly believe that dark days are ahead – and, no doubt, there are as many of them ahead of us as there have already been behind us:
Please, first, take a moment to be still, to listen, to watch, to think, to contemplate and to pray, before you act, before you speak – especially before you respond in kind.
Too many of us – and I don’t exclude myself – now too often rely upon false assumptions, proffering untested arguments heavily burdened by emotion, stunningly shy of facts.
Our words and deeds have failed us.
We aren’t listening anymore, if we ever did – not even to the sounds of our own making, or to the awfulness, the hatefulness, of our own words.
So convinced are we in our own rightness that we credit not at all anyone breathing outside of our own peculiar echo chamber, outside of our own space


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