Helping One Of Our Own – Mary Lenaburg


Most of us met and fell in love with Mary Lenaburg when she was writing about her life as she loved and cared for her daughter, Courtney. We were drawn in by Mary’s wit, wisdom, faith, and humor; and learned for ourselves about the beautiful joy of her daughter’s life. When Courtney died two years ago this week, we wept for the family we’d never met in real life which had touched us so deeply and managed to become a part of our own hearts.

Right before Christmas, Mary and her husband made the trek from Virginia to Tulsa, Oklahoma because his father was seriously ill. They sat a vigil at his bedside, and were thrilled that he seemed to defy the odds and be on the road to recovery. With his health looking stable, the Lenaburgs returned home only to lose Jerry’s dad within days, on the second anniversary of Courtney’s death.

The cost of returning to Oklahoma again within a such a short time is proving to be prohibitive to them, and they have reached out to those of us who met them in happier days for help.

To read more about what’s going on, visit Mary’s blog here.

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