The Presidential Debate You’ve Been Waiting For…


…is here!

No interruptions!  No artful dodges!  No expected references to “bad hombres” or “that Mexican thing!”  No alliteration practiced a hundred times in front of a mirror! (say it five times fast- “Trumped-up Trickle Down…”)
This TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 at 8PM Eastern, Yours Truly will be moderating a debate between two Catholic gentlemen who are running for President of the United States of America.  You could write them in, but you may find them on your ballots, depending upon where you live.
Mike Maturen (American Solidarity Party) and Joe Schriner (Independent) will be joining me for a series of questions related to everything from national security to the economy to education to the common good- and you’re invited to watch along, and even add your questions.
The event will be broadcast LIVE via my YouTube channel:


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