Two Voices, One Stage, All The Important Issues- Tonight is Appointment Television, and Here’s Why:


OF COURSE, I’m referring to tonight’s encore episode of The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi and his guest, former America’s Next Top Model contestant Leah Darrow.  Where else on the dial will you hear two people admitting they were wrong about the way they used to view the world, who will let each other finish sentences, who will ask- and answer- questions without the use of scripts, who will look genuinely happy to be in one another’s company?
If you’ve never joined us for a live tweet of The Journey Home, it’s loads of fun- just share your reactions to the episode as they occur to you, and use the tag #JHprogram.   The show starts at 8PM Eastern on EWTN, and you can stream it as-it-happens online at
OR you could watch truth be mangled, manipulated and maligned on a presidential debate stage while you weep for the soul of your nation and ask God how much longer he’s going to restrain his wrath


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