The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.19.0


Welcome to v.19.0 of the Field Intelligence Report! You might have noticed the new image. Never fear! FreakyDoll is still scanning and searching and seeking through all 7 dimensions of the Internet for interesting, inspiring, and uplifting stories. She simply wants us to respect her privacy – which is something we are more than happy to do!

Enjoy this week’s discoveries – headlined with a heartwarming video of students singing to their ill teacher. From a photo essay on behind-the-scenes work at the Vatican, to a piece on how Disney almost broke ground on a theme park based on the ground-breaking video game Myst; from a post where some bishops are doing some serious bishing with respect to ‘Catholycs for Choice”, to an article best described as “Saints in Space!”. Plus a lot more.

You know the stuff is good if it intrigues an ostrich. So please read and share!

Students Show Up to Worship Outside the Home of a Teacher With Cancer – HJY, Twitter

A Better Resurrection – stev hep, Catholic Scot
It’s Time for Communal Healing to Overcome Communal Bashing – Shelby Spear, Tribe Magazine
European Living in the Heart of Waco – Haley Stewart, Carrots for Michelmas
Bishops Rebuke “Catholics for Choice” for Deceptive Ad Supporting Abortion – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace
What Christian Men Need – Intentional Friendships With Other Christian Men – Marcel leJeune, Aggie Catholics
St Seraphim Relices to Be Conveyed to the International Space
The Vatican Unseen: Inside the Secret World of the Workers – A Photo Essay – Christian Sinabaldi, The Guardian
The Nativity Show From the Creators of The Muppets – Mary Rezac, Catholic News Agency
Disney Almost Created a Myst Theme Park in Florida – Peter Sciretta, SlashFilm


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