After Breakfast


When someone asks “tell me something about yourself,” the most common tendency is to draw a total blank and desperately search our mind for an acceptable answer.  Sometimes it is the easiest, simplest questions that are the hardest.
I guess we never see a need to verbally remind ourselves of our age, hobbies, or special talents every day.  We’re just–there.
Similarly, I was recently posed with the question: “what exactly is your blog about?”

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Aspiring writer and fashion editor, fondly looking to the past to find answers for the future. Advocate for the unconventional, seeker of adventure. Spokesperson for authentic femininity and supporter of Oscar Wilde's aesthetic movement. Ballerina, violinist, traveller, storyteller, hopeful sommelier. Masculinist. Aesthete. I left my heart in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, France. Can usually be found pointing out that the emperor has no clothes on, escaping angry mobs, and making a mean chicken piccata. Indigenous to cafes, New Jersey diners, and antique stores everywhere. Working part time at a combination of all three, somewhere in Kansas. These are the musings of a modern-day nonconformist.


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