The Feast of the Assumption and Marian Theological Hurdles


Over at The Coming Home Network this week, our latest weekly community question has to do with the feast that kicks off this week; namely, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, body and soul into heaven.  And if you’re a protestant, you probably just coughed something incredulous and unrepeatable into your elbow.
I get it, really, I do; I always like to share my personal story of visiting the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption on an art appreciation field trip when I was in college, and, smart aleck that I was, remarking that it was an awfully big building to erect based on an assumption.  Bible verses or it didn’t happen.
Of course, years later, the wheels began to turn, and I thought to myself- if Enoch and Elijah were assumed into heaven, couldn’t Jesus’ mom have been, too?  And hey, if Christians were obsessed with keeping the bodily relics of even the martyrs who’d been torn to pieces by wild beasts in the arena, forgetting to keep any bodily remains of the one woman on the planet with biological ties to Jesus was a pretty glaring oversight, don’t you think?
At any rate, all of the Catholic theological stuff about Mary makes perfect sense to me, even if some of the devotional stuff out there- especially the French devotional stuff about her- I find a little off-putting


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