Pier Giorgio Frassati And “The Invasion of Grace”


To Whom My Grace Pending Blog Is Dedicated: Pier Giorgio Frassati
Verso L’alto – To The Top
Those words, as close as anything, constitute the spiritual motto of blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.
They were words that he himself had inscribed on the back of a photograph of his last journey up a mountain, gaze fixed upwards, taken in June 1925, just one month before his death at the age of 24 from polio, a disease which he’d likely contracted during one of his many visits to the poor of Turin, Italy.
Pier Giorgio, as many of you already know, is in some ways my idealized spiritual model, the Godfather, so to speak, of this blog.
His life story, short though his time on earth was, continues to inspire me, time and again. Pick up at least one good biography of his life to better understand why


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