The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.5.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Rescue Mission Launched as Thousands Stranded on Higher Moral GroundWaterford Whispering News

How Tears for Gorilla Water Seeds for Culture of Death – Max Lindenman, Aleteia
7 Lessons From The Visitation – Deborah Gaudino, Saints365
Overcoming Fear – Carolyn Astfalk, Love Alone Creates
How Hard Did You Look? – David Wanat, If I Might Interject
The Painful Pruning of Our Diseased Hearts and the Glorious Mark of the Cross – Judy Landrieu Klein, Memorare Ministries
Prayer After Receiving Holy Communion – Fr Stephen Morris, Pauca Verba
The Amazing Story Behind Wisconsin’s St Joan of Arc Chapel from France – ChurchPOP
The Culture of the Living Dead – Jenny Uebbing, Mama Needs Coffee
Please Touch The Art – Watch a blind man experience a portrait of himself for the first time, Cantor Fine Art

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