Conspirator Spotlight – Michael, Margaret, and Catherine


In 1424, St Michael and a host of angels appeared to a young peasant girl in France telling her that she was to lead an army to free her people from English rule. Here’s how she described it at her trial

“It was Saint Michael that I saw before my eyes; and he was not alone but accompanied by many angels of Heaven. I saw them with my bodily eyes, as clearly as I see you now.” She then explained “The Voice (St Michael) kept urging me to go into France; it said I could no longer remain where I was. The Voice told me that I should raise the siege laid to the city of Orleans. The Voice instructed me that I should make my way to Robert de Baudricourt in the fortress of Vaucauleurs, the Captain of that place, that he would give me men to go with me.”

St Michael promised Joan that she would have good counsel to help her with the difficult task of leading an army. That help came in the form of Sts Margaret of Antioch and Catherine of Alexandria.


For their part in raising a Joan of Arc from peasant to general, and then to the heroine of France, we recognize Sts Michael, Catherine, and Margaret as our Conspirators of the Week.

To learn more about Joan’s part in the Hundred Years War and the role these Saints played in her successes, here’s a pretty good place to start.


Image credit: Eugène Thirion [Public Domain] via Wikimedia


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