Happy #StarWarsDay!


A long time ago, in a Galilee far, far away…
Another May the Fourth is upon us!  And rather than go with the overplayed “and with your spirit” memes that we’ll see throughout the Catholic blogosphere today, I thought I’d speculate as to what characters from the Star Wars universe might have to say about the way Catholicism plays into their own lived experience.  For instance:
If C-3PO were Catholic:
“I am fluent in over six million titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary.”
If Luke Skywalker were Catholic:
“But I was gonna go to The Coming Home Network and pick up some power converts!”
When an unexpectedly orthodox presence shows up at a Pre-Cana weekend:
“That NFP couple is holding a sympto-thermal detonator!”
When Admiral Ackbar gets asked what kind of monastery he’ll be visiting for his silent retreat:
“It’s a Trappist!”
When Han Solo is solicited for his thoughts on true vs false ecumenism:
“Bring ‘em on!  I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around.”
Feel free to add your own terrible puns in the comments below.
And for a bonus- here’s a young Mark Hamill in a film short recorded for the Paulist Fathers in the 1970’s:

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