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Transform their Hearts, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests


Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eternal High Priest, let Your love flow into the hearts of your priests and transform them into living images of You. By Your grace, make them true apostles of Your Sacred Heart. I pray for the fulfillment of the promise You made to St. Margaret Mary: “I will give to priests … Continue reading Transform their Hearts, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

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PARISH REPORT: Greeters Give Mass-goers Sanitizer, Safety Masks to Combat Flu


ACMPress – GREEN BAY – Parishioners attending Mass this weekend at Sts. Tyrne & Koff in downtown Green Bay were given things other than smiles and handshakes by greeters. They were handed masks and small bottles of hand sanitizer upon … Continue reading →

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As you circle around the turning points of your morning, avail yourself of all that’s broken and gather it up.
For this is your beginning. This is the starting point from which you will move back towards healing and wholeness and growth.

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A Call to Lifelong Service, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


To be consecrated as a priest, monk, sister, nun, or hermit, working in the world or cloistered is a vocation of celibacy and poverty. It is a calling few want to hear in our western world. Let us pray that those called to such a life will hear and be unafraid. This prayer was found on the United … Continue reading A Call to Lifelong Service, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns

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If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of the earth circling past. It’s usually impossible to separate them, one from the other.
Night’s approach is quieted by the melodrama of the day, only to be suddenly tripped like some long forgotten land mine. And the sounds of grief and loss are often buried within those of our own appeasement and idolatry.
But our existence isn’t predicated on understanding these distinctions

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Instant Pot Pork Carnitas (Crispy pulled pork tacos)


I had a whole cute story to go up here about how I grew up in South Texas eating Tex-Mex food, and that because of that I’m a Mexican food snob. How pork carnitas are a great break from heavy winter foods because their citrus-y notes are surprisingly refreshing on a cold day. I was going to regale you with how the Instant Pot has revolutionized cooking for me, and made getting food on the table so much simpler.
But then I thought about how much I hate having to wade through tomes on other people’s blogs in order to get the recipe I’m looking for, so I’m keeping this simple. Carnitas are yummy

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TCC Sunday Reading Reflection – February 17, 2019


February 17, 2019

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

JER 17:5-8  PS 1:1-2, 3, 4 AND 6   1 COR 15:12, 16-20   LK 6:17, 20-26

“No help, Mama, I can do it myself…” my two-year-old whines at me at least once a day. In my mind I’m helping her, but in hers, she’s big enough to go it alone.

Even when it frustrates me (because can I just help her get the shoes on so that we can leave already?!?) I know in my heart that she gets that fierce independent streak from me.

As often as she’s told me “I can do it,” I’ve said the same to or about God. “I’ve got this.” “I can’t stop/rest, I’ve got to keep going.” “Who’s going to take care of this if I don’t?” I get so wrapped up in being THE MOM, especially the SPECIAL NEEDS MOM, that I forget to even ask God for help. I’m so certain in my own ability to slay every dragon and right every wrong, that I often don’t see a need for help at all. Because I’m capable, confident, and if I don’t do it, who will?

I sat in the pew this morning, all wrapped up in the cloak of my strength, when the first reading smacked me right upside my head. “Accursed be anyone who trusts in human beings, who relies on human strength and whose heart turns from Yahweh.” While I sat there stunned at the notion that in my own strength I had turned from God, I also knew instinctively that I had.

I knew that as I wade into the daily battle life places before me, I am so certain of my own ability to tackle them that it never occurs to me to ask God for His help or for His will to be done. In the struggles of my life, it doesn’t always feel like there’s time to pray, or that asking for guidance or help would allow a chink in the armor of protection that I’ve worked so hard to build around myself. If I allow a moment of not being the strongest person in the room, then I might just fall apart.

I may say that my strength is in the Lord, but I don’t often live that way. I live like my strength is in me. And as I sit here in the physical and mental weariness that are my constant companions, I know that’s because I’m drawing toughness from the wrong place. Accursed am I. Worn out am I. Exhausted am I.

My strength, then, resides not in being tough and bold, but in being weak, in being dependent, in being faithful, and in being His.

Invasions And Inversions


It’s difficult to underestimate the seriousness that’s expected of us in order to make it through the day.
Any given day.
And somehow, most of us have come to believe that our giving in is all but giving up. But sometimes, giving up – perhaps really more of a letting go – is the only practical way forward.
Growth and charity, balance and wisdom aren’t simply byproducts of a life lived, certainly not one lived without some intention

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Letters from Armorica- The Gathering Place (15 December 34 AF)


First Letter
Dear Journal,
It is all as I have feared.
Everyone smiled broadly and greeted me warmly at divine services this past Sonnedi morning. It was the same at Sonnedi dinner at the Tremblay’s—and I was made to sit at M. Tremblay’s right hand, with Amelie by my side. It was a worrying thing, for never before had I sat much above the bottom of the table

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Moses’ Rejection Letter for “Exodus”


Approximately 1300 BC Mr. Moses 1 Mt Nebo Lane Pisbah, Plains of Moab Dear Mr. Moses: Thank you for sending your manuscript, Exodus, to Promised Land Publishing. However, it doesn’t meet our needs at this time. Or at any time, … Continue reading →

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