Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Very Truly Run After

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At long last, I am proud and pleased to note that Very Truly Run After, the second novel in my “Travels with Michael” series, is now available at Amazon (and anywhere else you’d care to plug in the ISBN). And if you’ve not read its predecessor, Vikings at Dino’s, it’s now available at reduced price. Go give them a try!

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Wondering, Overcoming

Catholic Faith Hope Wonder

I am left to wonder, am I a brave man or just a foolish one?
I am left to wonder, am I a witness or do I dream alone?
Overcoming deafness, I have recorded the messages stealthily implanted in my unwilling brain.
Overcoming blindness, I now release the visions hastily grafted onto my receptive soul.
Overcoming death, I will forever frolic in the shadows as music hemorrhages from heaven’s cosmic dance.
Copyright 2018
Image Credit: Pixabay

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Letters from Armorica— 18 Mars 34AF

Catholic Fiction Love

Dear Journal,
I’ve done it! I’ve built a sky-boat big enough to carry a single person with full control. It is an odd design, mind you, and I may call it a sky-boat only by courtesy; it looks more like a cross between a sedan chair and a four-poster bed. It is not a thing of beauty, being knocked together out of rough scraps of wood, but it works!
At the bottom is a crate, not to put to fine a point on it, longer than it is wide, with the control levers built into one end and a seat at the other. Stout uprights rise from the four corners to above the rider’s head, and support an arrangement of crossbars that correspond to the gunwales on my earlier models.
It is these crossbars that provide the lift; and since all of the weight hangs below them the craft is perfectly stable without any need for a vertical stabilizer

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One Man’s Conceit

Catholic Prayer Humility Ice Sunshine

Miraculous beginnings exchanged for battered foundations.
Decades of hustle cease in a moment of sublime release.
This is eternity’s playbook.
This is a generation’s fate.
This is one man’s conceit

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Could St. Patrick Become a Patron Saint of Human Trafficking?

St Patrick Catholic Church Human Trafficking Ireland

St. Patrick’s life is quite remarkable, and his circumstances make me think about today’s growing problem of human trafficking. He himself was a victim of this nightmare that has destroyed – and keeps destroying – the lives of defenseless women and men, most of whom are very young. Continue reading

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Happy Feast of St Patrick!

Catholic Saint Patrick Stewart Feast Saints Star Trek

We’re not Irish here at Acts of the O’Postasy, but we are Catholic, and we like to have a little fun from time to time (okay, maybe more than a little), so celebrating feast days in honor of our saints … Continue reading →

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The Catholic Church is a Ship

Catholic Church Ship Passengers Sunset Sea

Meme from yours truly, inspired by this quote from Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen: “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, … Continue reading →

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Of Everyday Erosions

Catholic Faith Forgiveness Humility

To be able to pick up and begin again, in the middle of all the chaos, all of the craziness, all of the confusion, is not only a gift beyond words, it’s also a necessary reminder of our inherent need to let go.
The first step is usually forgiveness.
Sure, that often means getting beyond the intentional hurt inflicted on us by others. But, mostly, we need to contemplate and focus upon the limiting power that we exert over ourselves.
The mental extortion, the bodily lies, the spiritual blindness, each in their own way, contribute generously to our false self

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Reflections Through Shattered Glass

Catholic Faith Meditation Reflection

Looking back, looking up, looking in.
A moment can last forever, eternity but an instant.
Our fantasies, our beliefs, often hinge upon what it is we are looking for. Our reality, our authenticty, eventually settle upon what it is we find.
Still, there’s no danger in the questioning, no peril in the pursuit

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Story Claims Link Between Brain Damage and Religious Fundamentalism


I was shown this story earlier, and if I hadn’t laughed, I might have been offended. Not that I’m a fundamentalist – not by a long shot – but because of the implication if you believe in God, you’re brain … Continue reading →

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