Priest Rides Scooter During Recessional on Christmas Eve

As reported at ChurchPop:

Fr. Peter O’Connor of Dublin, Ireland made headlines this week after riding a scooter down the aisle at Christmas Eve Mass.

The pastor of Ballyroan Parish in Dublin told his congregation “that he received the scooter from Santa and wanted to test it out.”

The parish posted a video with the caption, “Fr. Peter’s Christmas present put to very good use! Happy Christmas”. The video depicts Fr. O’Connor providing the congregation’s final blessing, then rolling away on a scooter for the recessional.

The story goes on to say that the congregation applauded and cheered. Oh for goodness sake – are there any Catholics left in Ireland? St. Patrick, looks like you need to return straight away and convert the heathens again…

My first thought when reading this was, Jesus rode an ass during His entry into Jerusalem, yet this ass rides a scooter while leaving Mass. Facepalm Jesus indeed.

Photo credit: Photos by Portland_Mike on VisualHunt / CC BY

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