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Christmas Break

This year the chief joy of my Christmas break from work, apart from Christmas itself, is that I can get up first thing in the morning, before anyone else is up, and work on Very Truly Run After. That's the best time of day for writing, for me, especially if I know the night before that that's what I'm going to do. My subconscious gets to chew on the story all night, and in the morning I make coffee, say Morning Prayer, and get to work. And because I'm not going into the office, I have both the time and energy to make something of it. I'm now at about 87.5K words and heading into the last act.

So, here's to hoping that your Christmas break is as pleasant and creative as mine!

photo credit: DaPuglet Santa’s Little Pug Reindeer via photopin (license)


National Novel Writing Month is an event I usually honor in the breach; I begin a new novel when I have time, energy, and an idea I’m sufficiently intrigued by to want to chase for six months or a year. On top of that, the idea of completing a novel in one month is looney tunes; I seem to do most of the interesting work in my back brain, and that requires time for stuff to simmer. I usually manage one to three writing sessions a week, which three being the least usual; but I don’t necessarily get more down in three sessions than in two.

All that said, I’m glad to say that I’m now over 70,000 words into my current work in progress, Very Truly Run After; and that I plan to be working on it regularly throughout NaNoWriMo.

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Draft Cover Art for Through Darkest Zymurgia

The publishing process for Through Darkest Zymurgia is proceeding apace! The layout of the inside of the book is complete, and now we just need to get the cover squared away. This is the current draft of the cover image, featuring professors Thintwhistle and Carbuncle and their dog Bruno investigating a new find, courtesy of Jason Bach.

The book is the story of a scientific expedition from Glastonbury University in Angland to the fabled land of Zymurgia. The world of Angland and Zymurgia is rather different than our own, being flat, unbounded (so far as anyone knows). Prof. Thintwhistle has this to say:

It is thought by the simple that if one were to ascend to the top of a sufficiently high tower, equipped with a sufficiently powerful telescope, that one would be able to see the entire world. This is, of course, absurd, and any child with an ounce of sense can see why. If the world really does stretch infinitely far in all directions, and there is no reason to believe that it does not, any tower of finite height is but a minuscule bump. At a sufficient distance from the tower, even a low range of hills would hide many details beyond. Foreshortening would have muddled all detail long before that.

Somewhat more lofty objections are made, late at night, by the sophomores at Glastonbury. “Well, now”, one would ask, “if you did, just for the sake of argument, ascend a high enough tower to see beyond the edge of the Known World, what would you see there? Nothing! It’s unknown, innit!” “But would it be blank? Or would it become Known as you watched?” Someone else would point out that the Lands of Fable lie beyond the Known World; it wouldn’t be blank, just uncertain. Eventually someone would drag out that horrid old chestnut, “If a country is inhabited, but nobody observes it, does it have a culture?” Yes, I am afraid I remember those days very well.


thintwhistle_mockup Hello, and welcome to Zymurgia House!

This is my new home away from home, where I’ll be publicizing my books and talking about writing.

I published my first book, Vikings at Dino’s, a few months ago, following considerable nagging and encouragement from my eldest son and his siblings; my first book published but not my first book written. I’m currently preparing my first written book, Through Darkest Zymurgia, for publication this fall, with the skilled and gracious help of Julie Davis and Jason Bach. (Jason drew the character sketches that appear ’round and about the web site.) And there will be more to come.