Books by William H. Duquette

Travels with Michael

Vikings at Dino’s (May, 2016) (Print, Kindle, Amazon) — Michael Henderson just wants to eat his cheeseburger in peace. A freelance coder, his one luxury is his daily bike ride to one of his favorite lunch spots. (When you’re small for your age, the cops get nervous when they see you behind the wheel.) So why did the gang of Vikings have to come in and trash Dino’s, his favorite burger joint? How did they get the longship into the parking lot? How did they get the longship out of the parking lot?  Why are they following him from one restaurant to the next?  And why is the young lady with the blonde hair and dark eyebrows shooting at him?

“Dino’s is the first Diner I have ever regretted not visiting. This book is pure fun, but sneaky smart, too!” — Elizabeth Scalia (The Anchoress)

“…dry-humored prose that had me laughing out loud every couple of pages.” — Paul @ Amazon

“…an excellent novel that fired on all cylinders.” — Jeff Miller @ The Curt Jester

“…an excellent story teller…” — Margaret Rose Realy @ Amazon


Very Truly Run After (in progress) — Popularity comes with a price, especially when the people who want a piece of you mean it literally—and when you’re small for your age, you don’t have that many pieces to go around.  For a change, Michael knows all too well what they’re after; the question is, how can he make them stop?  And will he ever be able to go home again?  A light tale of manners, steam, and very large gulls, to say nothing of Maundelson’s Finest Patented Engineer’s Biscuits.


Tales of the Known World

thintwhistle_mockupThrough Darkest Zymurgia! (April, 2017) (Print, Kindle, Amazon)— A ripping yarn of Exploration and Adventure in a world almost but not quite entirely unlike our own!  Join Professors Thintwhistle and Carbuncle in their expedition to the fabled land of Zymurgia, the legendary home of brewing.  On the way you’ll brawl with the opera lovers of Lyricum Town, carouse with the sailors of Cuprios, and survey the antique monuments of Seros as you cruise up the ever-lengthening Aram! Mythogeographic discovers lurk around every corner.

Will Professor Carbuncle discover the perfect phantasm?  Will Thaddeus Philpott plumb the folkways of the sailors of Cuprios—and live?  Will Professor Thintwhistle establish the truth of the mythogeographic Law of Consensus—that What Is, Is What Is Expected?

Find out, as you travel to the outer limits of the Known World in Through Darkest Zymurgia!

“Through Darkest Zymurgia! is what you’d get if you crossed P.G. Wodehouse with H. Rider Haggard and sprinkled a generous dose of Douglas Adams over the whole.” — Julie Davis @ Happy Catholic.

To mark the 150th Anniversary of the Anglish Mythogeographic Expedition of 680 AR, the publisher is proud to present this facsimile of Dr. Thintwhistle’s classic account of his journeys to and through that once-fabled land. The text is as originally published by Glastonbury University Press. Not one word has been omitted.