The Trees In Our Own Backyard


There’s a certain tolerance that we expect from the trees in our own backyard.

They’re not normally laughing at us or making us feel the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, the ones harboring the greatest empathy may even allow us an occasional heat swoon into their jagged circles of protection. A clumsy but practical way of acknowledging our generous reciprocity over the years.

But expectations have never been lower. And despite what we believe have been considerable efforts, even the trees now seem to be laughing at us. Perhaps it’s not so much a cruel laugh as it is a knowing one.

Surely they have witnessed some startling things from the scores of generations before us. With tales metered out in gruesome voices. And stories both cruel and recycled again and again, with no expectation other than survival.

Perhaps it’s true that nothing new ever finds its way into old age, least of all wisdom. And the trees in our own backyard best remind us of that.

If only we can learn to tolerate them.


Copyright (TZampino) 2020

Image Credit: Pixabay



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