The Forever Tourist


I think that late summer in New York City is the perfect time and the perfect place for that frozen image you just snagged of your traveling companion.

It’s safeguarded, now, for the person you’ve yet to become, the one who’ll be looking back with little memory of the day’s particulars.

Except, perhaps, for this brief photo flash that’s likely already been uploaded and shared and liked a hundred times.

It may even thrill your children’s grandchildren.

Or maybe it will help you – one day – to cut through the increasing haze of your own bruised and battered mind. At least long enough to give you a second chance to revisit this exact spot.

For the very first time.

Although you didn’t see me seeing you, we will forever share this moment, this space.

And one last indulgence of late summer in New York City.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay 

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