Separate Yourself


Separate yourself. Set yourself apart.

For too long, you’ve fooled yourself into believing that you are just like everyone else. But the whispers came early again this morning, confiding in you.

Sure, there’ll be enormous risks in forging your own way. Enemies can be found at nearly every stop, with fewer warnings. So you’ll just have to keep moving. No turning back.

There really is nothing left for you here anyway, and no place to hide.

Besides, you have no desire to be around those intent upon ambushing you, only to hurt you. Only to try and break you.

Only to love you.

No, you really aren’t like them at all. Except that they long ago first separated themselves from you, because they are so much like you.

You’ve just been too complacent to notice.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay

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