“Vanity of vanities. All things are vanity”

(Ecclesiastes 1:2)

If even the very hairs on our head have been numbered, then so too have our days.

And as for all those sleepless nights, unbearable scars, and unyielding struggles, well they too have been counted since long before time began. They too have been sanctioned.

But not every crisis, unexpected death, or violent retaliation has been unleashed for a godly purpose. Not every obstacle placed in our way is some mystical test of our faith or our willpower or our strength.

Sometimes, bad stuff just happens.

Most of us know of the emotional and physical callouses that result from trying to build a life for ourselves and for our families. We are as familiar with all the baggage as we are with all the joy.

Both are quite real.

But often, some of those earliest – and best – intentions have provided all of the excuses we needed to start cutting corners, to start looking for that edge, to start . . . going low.

Competition is healthy and necessary. And it really does bring out the best in us. Until it doesn’t. Until we can no longer compete for the win, however defined.

And so we start to grab ahold of anything and everything at an accelerating pace, and with a tightening grip. Soon, all that which we have held begins to slip through our fingers like so much dust.

It’s all dust.

It’s all vanity.

But if we can remember that, perhaps other doors will open. Ones that just might lead us back home.

During these days of Lent, I’ve been reminded to look for the open doors, instead of staring at the dust that now covers my hands.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay

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