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Originally a personal Facebook post, I also wanted to share and memorialize this here, on Grace Pending:

A first hand story of humanity –

My Uber driver tonight, a heavily accented young man from Turkey, is working on a masters degree in economics here in the states. His family still resides in Ankara.

Because I needed to know, I couldn’t help but ask how he has been treated since he’s been here. Without hesitation he said that he’s never experienced any racism or bigotry from any American, ever.


Not in New York. Not in Virginia. Not in between. Not in these *tense* times.

But he went on to say that his and his friends’ experience in Europe has been quite different. There, he said, a great deal of bigotry against minorities still exists and is actually growing – especially against Muslims. And it’s even worse in Russia (in America his only experience of true racism came from a Russian national).

I think it’s important that we step back from the chatterers and the twitterers from time to time.

Listen to the people, not just to those who purport to tell us how we think and what we feel about those all around us.

There’s more to it than that.


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