Game Plans


Sorting through the garbage, he found one that fit.

Sure, the coat was badly ripped and frayed and soiled, but it fit. And it seemed to retain, on some level, a touch of elegance that he hadn’t been exposed to in quite some time.

Besides, it was cold and he would gladly have stolen it even if it were only just crappy.

His mind traced back several steps and his imagination settled on the face of its previous owner. An executive, perhaps? No, a sales rep. Maybe a doctor or a lawyer. Was he still alive? And was today’s good fortune part of some family member’s attempt to move on – a wife throwing out memories that had left her exhausted? A son unconsciously trying to settle some generational score?

He decided that none of it mattered. Not really.

Whatever ambitious game plans that it may have played a part in, even in its final moments, have long since passed.

Now, only a single purpose remained for it.

Just like its new owner.


Copyright 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay


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