Our desire to be left alone is as compelling as our fear of abandonment.

Both are driven by powerful, seemingly contradictory urgings. The one dependent upon some form of mindfulness, seeking to forge an uncommon path in our own time and in our own way. The other requiring worldly action and a constant reassurance that we are still relevant and deserving of love.

We often seem drawn towards equilibrium.

And that’s all the more true once we fully appreciate that our lives comprise equal parts tragedy and farce.

But equilibrium doesn’t mean moderation or lukewarmness.

To the contrary.

We are forever being dragged towards movement and growth and enlightenment. And it is through that fierce struggle, the one between mindfulness and action, that we fully become who we were meant to be. Only then can we achieve true equilibrium.

And that is a gift, not a burden.


Copyright 2018

Image Credit: Pixabay

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