A Fellow Conspirator!


Yes, I finally fell for that Google Arts & Culture app, the one where your own photographic image – man, I hate the word “selfie” – is compared to historical works of art to find a portrait match based upon some assumed percentage of similarity.

Well, after several attempts, angles, and misapplied strategies, the closest match for me – at 58% – was Valeriano Domínguez Bécquer’s The Carlist Conspirator.

A fellow “conspirator,” like myself (at TCC), so there’s that! But the facial match, not so much I don’t think – except maybe the rapidly receding hairline!

I mean, come on, compare it closely with my latest Facebook profile picture:


Well, okay, maybe it’s actually a bit closer than I might want to believe because I sometimes still see myself through the eyes of a 25-year-old. (And yes, I know where you’re going with that: maybe I should give them back to that young man, he may need them!)

Of course, since my knowledge of European history for this period remains quite sparse, the result compelled me to explore some about the Carlist Wars.

Interesting stuff. So, at least I learned a little something yesterday.

And that always makes it a good day for me.


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Image Credit: Public Domain

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