A Legacy, A Life


Take a moment, now, to walk down to the water and reflect. There’s no better time, no better place to fully taste of the enmity, the desolation, the loneliness.

Breathe in the cold, damp, sharp, putrid air.

Try to re-imagine your life as you would have better wanted it. Give yourself over to every chance that was denied, every kiss that was withheld, every prayer that was never heard, never answered.

Would your perfection be found there, your ideal, your very life?

Likely as not (deep down) we know the answer. Likely as not (deep down) we know that we would find ourselves back here, again, in this place, at this time, only to re-imagine it all just the same.

Our life becomes our legacy. Our legacy remains, forever, our life.

We may challenge ourselves constantly with new beginnings. We will rise, we will fall, we will triumph, we will fall again, only to rise and fall once more.

But healing and stability and permanence come not from these ever new beginnings (however sincerely undertaken), but from an incomprehensible love and grace unleashed.

Here we can declare our one true legacy.

Here we can find our one true life.

Here we will come to know our one true love.


Copyright 2017

Image Credit: Pixabay


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