Global Words Of War, Singular Works Of Peace


Social media, Facebook in particular, dares us daily – and all too often successfully – to cast off our human (and humane) inhibitions and restraints. We’ve all seen the worst brought out in others, and in ourselves, whenever our worldview feels threatened or is under a perceived attack.

We bluster, we whine, we counterattack.

Sometimes, we just retreat, as I myself have done more than once.

At times, it feels as if we’ve entered a 21st century war zone, with proxy battles fought by and through electronic words of mass destruction.

Certainly, many of us have stopped listening to the other, for reasons grounded equally in anger, in fear, and in preserving our own sanity.

But there is another side to social media. It has, for example, allowed me to reach an audience through my writings in ways that I never could have otherwise. For that, I am eternally grateful.

And it also allows us to come together, across the globe, to act as a community, a fellowship if you will – if we can open ourselves up to that possibility, and allow ourselves that vulnerability.

Today, when global words of war spill across the front pages with greater and greater frequency, we have been given a huge, albeit it a difficult, opportunity to challenge ourselves, and each other, with singular works of peace.

We can turn tomorrow, Friday August 11, 2017, into a day of worldwide penance and prayer and fasting. I am here joining with my colleagues at TCC and elsewhere in this challenge. And I hope that you can do so as well.

Here, Sherry Antonetti, who is the main catalyst behind this idea, has given us over 30 practical and effective ways that we can work towards peace. Many will likely resonate with you, some others may not.

But even just one undertaking will stand to counter the status quo, and just might point us all back towards peace.

At the very least, it’s worth a try.


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