Two Brief Observations On A Cold Commuting Day


Nothing earth shattering this morning but two brief observations on my way in to work – on a cold, slushy, icy, time-consuming, messy day here in New York:

The old, overly bundled-up gentleman on the subway, in a fierce battle with a small candy wrapper – his shaky hands not fully under his control. He ultimately wins as a small chunk of dark chocolate (breakfast?) finds its way into his mouth, which is now grinning with deep satisfaction. He then returns to his newspaper for the remainder of the ride. He’s had successful morning already.

The young man walking in front of me, dressed very nicely, except for his shoes – well used, torn apart, worn down, multiple gaps and holes. Definitely not well-suited for making his way through the slush all around us. What’s the story there?


Copyrighr 2017

Image Credit: Pixabay

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