Starting Over, Around Twilight


Starting over, again.

Truthfully, it feels

Almost too late

In the day.

Like the indolent feeling

That overtakes us

Just around twilight.

But somehow,


There’s time enough, still,

To re-invent.

To re-establish.

To re-prioritize.

To re-build.

The years preceding

May have set a course,

But they did not –

They could not –

Methodically foretell

The final destination.

Blank pages still abound.

Pages that are yet be

Graced by the

Words and the music,

And the stories and the truth

Yet to be discovered,

Yet to be told,

Instead of being readied

To be ripped out, shredded,

Tossed aside, and lost

Like so much ill-fated debris.

Twilight, it seems,

Is a good a time as any for

Starting over, again.


Copyright 2016

Image Credit: Pixabay

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