Celebrating The Seasons, Finding Joy



Casting eyes about me

For the very first time.

What startling images surround.

Bright lights and quick movements.

Yet with sounds both familiar and soothing

Even when accompanied by

Faces distorted and bent

Charged only with evoking

Unrestrained glee . . .

Mission accomplished.

Here, now, is pure joy!


Pedaling faster, ever more confidently.

A little extra freedom

Conquered with every fresh mile.

Enhanced strength, and

New lessons absorbed.

Anticipating every full victory ahead.

The world will, no doubt,

Succumb to my efforts and charm . . .

Mission accomplished.

Here, now, is pure joy!


Eyes dim, movements tempered.

The search for gold exhausts,

Exchanged, now, for one that

Better understands the birthright

Of the heart.

Clutter merely impedes

The remainder of the journey.

There is still time to shed

The rotting deadwood,

But none for even one more tear . . .

Mission accomplished.

Here, now, is pure joy!


A shell remains,

Life-force bargained away.

Time, now, for things

Only once imagined.

Perhaps startling new images will surround

Yet with sounds both familiar and soothing.

I know I’ve heard that voice before,

Even when pretending otherwise,

But fooling no one.

The path is now lit, even in this darkness.

If only you’d take my hand and lead on

For I long to hear you say . . .

Mission accomplished.

Come, here now is pure joy!


Image Credit: Pixabay

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