Is This The Entire Gospel Summarized In Just Three Minutes?

It just may be.

Mother Teresa began with a simple yet profound question (click on the video embedded below):

How Can You Say That You Love God Whom You Do Not See If You Do Not Love Your Neighbor Whom You Do See?

So, how have you loved your neighbor?

But perhaps more to the point:

Do you love your neighbor?

Have you fed him when he was hungry? Not only hungry for food, but for love?

Have you covered him when he was naked? Not only with a piece of cloth, but with human dignity?

Have you given him a home? Not necessarily one made of bricks, but one which affirms his worth as a wanted and loved child of God?

These are not comfortable questions.

Not for any one of us.

And yes, your year-end check to that charity for the needy was a good thing.

In fact, it was a very good thing.

But you and I are called to do more. A lot more.

I know that I’ve failed – more than once.

So perhaps the start of this new year is a good time to try yet again.

Let’s let Mother Teresa’s words finally begin to work their way into our hearts.

After all, they are, in the end, what the good news is really all about.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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