In The Darkest Moment Comes The Light


And Behold, I Am With You Always, Until The End Of The Age

Chaos usurps the day,

As fear stands at the ready

Groping for yet another breach.

Stirred, we push back.


Only this time, questioning

Whether our will, our strength

Can wholly resist

The lure of surrender.

Each assault has extracted its price.

Leaving scars physical,

And spirits depleted, diminished, defeated.

We’d all too readily concede this clash

And console ourselves

With avarice and flesh.

Still, you spur us on

To free our hearts,

To uncloak our eyes,

To cast away our vanity.

And to seek anew your promises

That your light will,

Yet again and forever,

Pierce the darkness.

And that you are with us always.

Even until the end of the age.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Copyright 2015-2016

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