Do You Know It When You See It? Love, I Mean


This Weekend, I’ve Been Thinking Again About Love and Marriage, And About All That Lies Ahead, And All That Has Come Before.

This, From September 2015, Remains One Of My Favorite Stories:

The love between them was obvious during the wedding yesterday.

And particularly later, at the wedding reception.

She, radiant and elegant. He, dapper in his tux.

Few words were actually spoken between them.

But there was a lot of hand-holding, much pressing of flesh. A bonding that had so completely merged into one that there was but a single movement between them when they walked.

I was taken back by the tenderness and affection. And by the familiarity, the complete oneness.

But no, I wasn’t focused on the bride and groom.

At least not at those moments anyway.

What really caught my eye, just then, were the bride’s aunt and uncle.

He looking every bit his 80-plus years. She, perhaps, just a few years younger, but with a style and a wit that could place her maybe a half-generation earlier.

So what stood out about this couple? What was it about them that caught my attention?

They danced together.

Rhythmically. Beautifully. As one.

Perhaps not altogether extraordinary you might say. And you’d be right.

Except for one thing.

He is both deaf and blind.

A loss only within recent years.

She now acts as his eyes and ears. She now navigates his body to the dance floor. She now must lead when they dance.

But still, they dance.

Amid the vows yesterday exchanged, promises that were given between the healthy and beautiful young couple to one another, one to remain together in sickness and in health until the death of the first, I witnessed something altogether magnificent.

I witnessed that commitment – one made so many years earlier by another young couple – reach its fullness in the context of time, in the context of maturity, in the context of true love.

As we see more from Francis this week, as he reminds us of the love of family and the many blessings that it bestows from above, we can count it a privilege to witness this power, this reality, this simplicity that is often right in front of us if we but look closely enough.

And to know it when we see it.

Love, I mean.


Photo Image Credit: The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, 980 Park Avenue, NYC

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