The Faithful Traveler: A Papal Pilgrimage In The Holy Land With Diana von Glahn


Here is a series not to be missed, the latest undertaking by The Faithful Traveler. Seasoned explorer and eloquent commentator Diana von Glahn takes us on a magnificently filmed, beautifully presented, and lovingly produced tour through some of the most sacred places on earth in A Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy Landa series reflecting upon Pope Francis’ historic 2014 visit to that region.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit any of these Holy Places in person, but – having now had a chance to preview this series – I feel as if I actually have. Certainly, Diana’s extraordinary, very personal, very warm presentation, has re-kindled my desire to do so!

A couple of weeks back, fellow commentator and blogger William Newton had this to say in his own review of the series, in which I most fully concur:

[i]t is the personalization of the Holy Land that, for me, is the real heart of this series. We learn about the Catholic community in Jordan, and the work of Father Nabil Haddad to build understanding between Christians and Muslims there, as Diana takes us to Father Haddad’s rectory to talk with him about Pope Francis’ visit and the importance of interreligious cooperation. As pilgrims from the Holy Land and all over the world enter Manger Square in Bethlehem to attend a papal Mass, Diana’s conversations with those attending bring across the excitement surrounding such an event, something that comes across clearly on screen

Diana and her team, especially her husband David, have here put together an extraordinary, personal, and historic travelogue. I invite you, now, to sit back, watch, enjoy, and then take a moment or two to reflect upon the very foundations of our faith – all as you confidently make your way through the Holy Land with an expert guide leading the way. And be sure to watch the trailer embedded below!



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