But Most Just Brought Me Here


Choices made,

Some were extraordinary.

Most just moved me through the day.

Changes imposed,

Some were life-altering.

Most just shaped my world.

Moments lived,

Some were terrifying.

Most just brought me here

To this minute, this time,

This place.

All that came before,

All that is now,

A mixture, a potpourri, a jumble

Of the wise, the dumb,

The good, the dreadful.

Each added, each subtracted,

Each polished, each refined.

And along the way

I’ve come to embrace,

That age, itself, does not

Necessarily coerce wisdom,

Nor does life, itself,

Inevitably oblige death.

And, perhaps, that

More than a few

Choices, and changes,

And moments

Remain yet ahead.

Of this, at least,

I still have hope.


Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Copyright 2016

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