Moving Forward, Moving Beyond


May brings with it closure to college campuses.

Yet, that closure comes, as well, with a soft promise, if not a hard guarantee. I’m watching, presently, even as it happens.

Young adults who left as children – it seems just several blinks ago – step forward, now, to exchange their cheap jeans and expensive parchment for a chance to move the world, a chance to more than earn their keep, a chance, simply, to fit in.

A few will exceed their wildest expectations. Most will find their way well enough. But all will find themselves – whether consciously or not, whether deliberately or not – on a life-long quest for beauty, for love, and for all things infinite and true.

It will not be easy.

Of course, it never has been.

They will enter, today, a world in some ways more open and tolerant. But that, no doubt, has come at a very steep cost – one that is both dizzying and chaotic. For what was once solid ground feels more like quicksand. What were once guiding principles seem to have been fully abandoned, yet to be replaced.

Yet I maintain hope. I always do.

And rightfully so.

The young adults that I, at least, have come to know display great personal integrity, offer deep compassion and empathy to those around them, and seek often to make things better – in some ways, through choices, perhaps, at best misguided, subject to future refinement, but in other ways in what appears, already, to be innovative and perhaps even more effective than we may ever know or live to see.

So I offer my congratulations and my prayers, today, to each of you in the graduating class.

May you find what you seek, and may all that you seek be good, and peaceful, and wise, and joyful, and true.



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